Not A Mild Winter for Vancouver Developers

Dec 19 2017, 6:32 am

Change is happening in the underbelly of the tech world, accelerated by the upcoming winter. It’s being noticed by more than just developers. Who is Scala Vancouver, and how is Okanagan Spring beer helping them become more functional?

There are many common folk who have heard of PHP or WordPress. They are simple technologies used to power websites just like the Vancity Buzz. But they have their limitations. It is not easy for young developers to learn a programming language as easy as PHP that opens up more potential than just a website language. This is why a meetup group named Scala Vancouver is growing.

In layman terms, Scala is a programming language that is “functional”. This means it is simple to write, only focuses on the core math, and avoids problems that developers have when they want to make a really big website like Facebook. Scala is unique because the syntax reminds some devs of another widely-used programming language called Javascript. Although it may be easier to write than a language used for iOS apps (Objective-C), it packs a punch because it’s based on Java.

Some of the tools we use everyday are powered by Scala. When you use Hootsuite, Twitter, or Foursquare, their infrastructure is written in Scala to handle all of the heavy lifting. Some of the more intensive algorithms use Scala to quickly pass messages back-and-forth, and Hootsuite’s new communication tools allow dashboard chats to be extremely fast.

So where is Vancouver Scala going this winter? On Nov 1st, the group is meeting again for a game of Scala Jeopardy. This is a great opportunity for someone like a PHP dev to take on a new level of programming . In a show of support, Okanagan Spring and the Network Hub are helping to prepare with the onset of winter development. It’s perfect timing, of course, as Okanagan Spring releases its new Mild Winter Ale. Ironic, since nothing about Scala is mild.

You can learn how to join the group and RSVP for the event at the Vancouver Scala web page. Don’t forget to book off Nov 1st 6:30pm at the Network Hub, 422 Richards St downtown. You can also follow the @VanScala rock hyrax on Twitter for updates.


Image: hyper7pro (Rock Hyrax, Van Scala Mascot)