North Vancouver's Slide the City event to go on despite drought

Dec 19 2017, 4:36 pm

The event that will see a 1,000-foot-long water slide down Lonsdale Avenue is still happening, despite the drought Metro Vancouver is facing.

Recently, the City of Nanaimo cancelled their Slide the City event after council decided it would waste too much water. However, the event was still held in Kamloops on July 18. North Vancouver has also decided that it will go ahead with the event.

Metro Vancouver is currently at stage three water restrictions, while parts of Vancouver Island are in stage four.


Councillor Rod Clark of North Vancouver said that he put forward a motion in council to discuss whether or not the City should allow the event. It was decided that the event will go on as long as the water is not sourced from Metro Vancouver.

Mayor Darrell Mussatto said that the City did not want to hold an event that would be deemed inappropriate given the circumstances.

“We’re not using any Metro Vancouver potable water,” said Mussatto. “If we go to stage four, I think Slide the City would be cancelled.”

It is said that water will be drawn from either Harrison Lake or Pitt Lake.

Council unanimously approved the motion to reaffirm the municipality’s commitment with Slide the City.

Three truck loads of water will be transported to North Vancouver. B.C. Safety Authority said that two gas-powered pumps will be on site to help with recycling the water. Throughout the day, the water will be pumped back up the hill to be reused during the event.

pH levels of the chlorinated water will be tested every 15 minutes to ensure the water is safe.

Clark said the only problem he sees the event facing is a logistical one, which is of the company’s doing.

“No one is going to be able to purchase a ticket at the site,” said Clark. “I expect that to be a huge problem.”

6,000 tickets have been sold by Slide the City organizers. Initially, the website featured an option that showed on-site tickets, however, this is no longer available.

The event will be held in Lower Lonsdale on August 22.