North Vancouver road rage incident leads to fight, caught on camera

Dec 19 2017, 3:48 pm

Two weeks ago, a North Vancouver road rage incident led to an ugly brawl between two men. The incident was caught on camera, filmed by a motorist behind the vehicles of the men.

The video of the brawl is now up on YouTube, and the caption includes a short description of the event by the individual filming:

Going to work today I was behind a “KID” as he calls himself, and watched as this a-typical wanna be moron weave in and out of traffic! As he is about to slam into the rear end of a, what I thought was an elderly fellow, he had to lock up his brakes to avoid rear ending the elderly man. After we all exited the highway and came to a stop light the “KID” jumps out of his mid 80’s, Walmart tricked,hand me down, rust encrusted BMW and proceeds to kick the crap out of the door on the elderly fellows car. I was able to get my phone going just as he opened the guys door an started punching him. What happens next is what I saw! Listen to the mommas boy claim “he’s just a kid!”

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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