Norquay Neighbourhood Centre Meeting November 29, 2008

Dec 19 2017, 11:44 am

This Saturday city is going to hold an open house for the area around Kingsway between East 27th and 41st Avenues. This area includes 2 Skytrain stations near by, which right now are surrounded by low density housing. The city is looking to change that. It is about damn time if you ask me.

However, the Norquay Neighbours citizens group or NIMBY’s as I would refer to them are looking to get in the way of progress. They do have some valid points as do all NIMBY’s. However, their voices tend to drown out those who are actually excited about the revitalization of a hooker infested (we aren’t talking about Seymour Street women neither) area. Lets face it Kingsways is a dead zone where business open only to die or at the very least launder money. There are large stretches of Kingsway that are lifeless and that has to change. As the city grows, the population will shift east and Kingsway is a natural corridor that is ripe for urban renewal. Density and a whole lot of it will bring about the rejuvenation the area so badly needs.

The area should be rezoned to permit a range of development types. Condos similar to what can be found near the Joyce Skytrain station should be built around the Nanaimo and 29th Street stations. Moreover, 6-8 storey buildings should be permitted along Kingsway. Rowhouses and smaller 3 to 4 storey apartment buildings should be built along major intersections along Kingsway.

King Edward Village development was a step in the right direction, that corner has never looked better and with a grocer moving in soon, that should liven up the place a bit. Soon a development on Nanaimo and Kingsway (known as The Hills) will take place and bring about some positive change to that intersection. Kingsway is ready for change, lets not let the NIMBY’s get in the way of revitalization.

COV Open House @ Renfrew Park Community Centre

2929 East 22nd Ave., in Room 110

Nov. 29 from noon to 4 p.m.

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