Nomii: Social network for foodies launches in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 9:59 pm

Nomii, a restaurant sharing app that allows users to keep a list of their favourite restaurant dishes and to follow fellow foodies’ recommendations, has just launched in Vancouver.

The easy-to-use app was created by two local lads, Clement Wong and Shaun Wong (not related), who have been working on the app since August last year, after becoming frustrated with unreliable reviews and unlabelled photos out there on the web.

We chatted with Clement Wong to find out more about this newly launched app. Here’s what he had to say:

Tell us about Nomii — What inspired its creation and name?

Nomii is a social network for foodies to save, share, and discover the best restaurant dishes. Think of it as Instagram + Yelp + Pinterest for foodies.

It all started with a phone call last June. Shaun had called me to share his frustration of not being able to find a restaurant’s menu. We shared our frustrations about sifting through reviews, ratings, and comments to find the best dishes at each restaurant. That’s when we realized how difficult it was to instantly decide where and what to eat. We looked online for weeks to find a solution to these problems but nothing lived up to our needs, so we decided to make our own solution.

The name Nomii (pronounced NOM-ee), comes from the common expression of eating, “nom.” We wanted a name that was fun to say and decided on “Nomii.”

What kind of problems does Nomii solve?

Ever see a plate of food photo on Yelp or Zomato and wonder “What the heck is this dish?” See an awesome restaurant or dish on Instagram you want to try only to forget about it later? Don’t trust reviews and 5 star ratings anymore?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ll understand the three problems we’re solving:

  • Deciding where and what to eat
  • Having to sift through reviews, ratings, and comments to find the best dishes
  • Keeping track of restaurants and dishes you like or want to try
Photo courtesy of Nomii

Photo courtesy of Nomii

How does the app work?

Nomii shows you your saved restaurants and dishes nearby so you can instantly decide what you want. The more you save, the better it gets! Share your food photos when you’re dining out and save dishes you like to your “favorites.” By favoriting a restaurant/dish, you recommend it to your friends. See what your friends are eating and dishes they recommend.

Where is the app available and how much does it cost?

The app is available on the App Store and completely free.

You’ve launched the app in Vancouver–is there a plan to take the app or the idea behind it national?

Definitely! We’ve launched in Vancouver and plan to expand across Canada and the U.S.

For further details on Nomii check out the app’s website.

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