#nomakeupselfie joins forces with #MyDaffodil in support of the Canadian Cancer Society

Dec 19 2017, 10:17 am

The ‘No Make-Up Selfie’ trend that had women sharing their bare faces worldwide last month across social media is not over yet.

While many criticized the #nomakeupselfie as just another narcissistic online trend as many of the thousands of willing participants weren’t aware of the cause behind the phenomenon, nor cared, and simply posted make-up-less selfies (leading to further criticism that they were in fact wearing subtle make-up, which led to debates on the definition of beauty and society’s impossible standards, while men simply commented that they preferred women au naturel; meaning the entire message got lost in translation), it still managed to raise millions across Europe for both cancer and domestic violence awareness.

Here in Canada, it hasn’t inspired quite the same interest, which the Canadian Cancer Society is looking to change. The CCS saw an initial spike of an impressive 240 per cent in online donations late last month but, as tends to happen with viral campaigns, interest has since slowed.

“Within days the Society received close to $10,000 in donations that will help us fund critical cancer research, prevention initiatives and support programs across the country,” said CCS Social Media Specialist Kaleigh Henderson. “There were thousands of texts sent, we acquired many new monthly donors and had millions of impressions across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.”

“The #nomakeupselfie movement proves that there are no geographical boundaries in social media,” Henderson continued, “and that Canadian women are still eager to participate.”

She agreed that posting selfies is nothing new, but the fact that your picture can make an immediate difference sparked everyone’s interest, and the Society has been inundated with calls, emails and posts from British Columbians asking how they could get involved.

“This movement was completely organic and we’re very grateful to everyone who has donated so far,” she added. “The money raised will make a tremendous impact.”

The Society is encouraging women to keep the trend alive during Daffodil Month, with the addition of the iconic yellow daffodil pin.

“Take a selfie wearing your pin with pride,” Kaleigh asked, “text FIGHT to 45678 to donate $5, share it online with the hashtags #nomakeupselfie #MyDaffodil, and challenge your family, friends and colleagues to do the same.”

Text FIGHT to 45678 to donate $5 to @cancersocietybc @cancersociety #nomakeupselfie #MyDaffodil #DaffodilMonth pic.twitter.com/D7auKlLovP

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