No Rich in the DTES!

Dec 19 2017, 4:53 am

Walking the streets of the DTES the other day I saw this poster. This campaign is currently under way to alleviate some of the fear that is being spewed out by ‘the people’. I, for the most, part share the same sentiment as this poster; on the other hand, the poverty pimps and the hipster elitists love to vilify people for making money and god forbid move into Gastown, Chinatown or the DTES in general.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Gastown to become Coal Harbour or Yaletown with lots of tall towers and destroyed heritage and history of the city. I believe Gastown is our ‘Greenwich Village’ of sorts. It’s hip, trendy and can remain so with proper policies set in place. What I don’t understand is this resistance to change! Change, if done right like Woodward’s, Gaoler’s Mews and a bunch of refurbished and polished heritage facades, adds to the community.

The DTES is going to change whether ‘idealists’ want to believe it or not. International Village and Woodward’s have shined some light on this once dying section of the city. Now, it’s where locals go for shopping, dining and night life. It’s only going to get better.

With that said, I do see the other side. We need a greater solution, pushing people out from one area to another area isn’t going to solve anything. We need to look at the bigger picture, for which I do not have a solution and am not about present one. Yes, social housing is needed and as far as i know they are building 14 new sites throughout the city of Vancouver. Is it enough? I don’t know. All i know is that if a person has the money to move anywhere no one should be able to stop them from doing so.

Sorry, but resistance truly is futile.

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