No more plastic bags for Granville Island Public Market starting April 1

Dec 19 2017, 8:23 pm

Time to put that closet full of reusable shopping bags to work: Starting Friday, April 1, the Granville Island Public Market will no longer offer plastic bags to shoppers.

“As part of Granville Island’s commitment to economic, social, cultural, and environmental sustainability, the phase out of plastic bags is part of a greater initiative to reduce waste generated on Granville Island,” Scott Fraser, Manager of Public Affairs & Programming at Granville Island told Vancity Buzz.

The Public Market, along with Granville Island as a whole, draws millions of tourists every year as one of the city’s more popular destinations. Fraser says estimates put annual plastic bag use at over one million, and Fraser says response to the initiative in the lead up has been encouraging.

“Overall, Granville Island customers, as with most Canadians, embrace any initiative that reduces unnecessary waste,” he says. “Many of our customers have been shopping for decades with reusable shopping bags on Granville Island We expect that most visitors will welcome this change.”

The plastic bag ban is something being considered for the entire city of Vancouver, along with disposable coffee cups and Styrofoam containers, as the city moves forward with green initiatives and waste reduction. As Granville Island moves forward, Fraser says he hopes other organizations in Vancouver will be inspired to do the same.

“As the Public Market has already successfully mandated compostable coffee cups at all our coffee vendors, eliminated polystyrene food containers from our prepare food vendors, and will be phasing out plastic shopping we bags, we are obviously support of any ideas that will lead to less waste,” he says. “We hope we can be an example to other businesses and small communities to show that, by working together with out tenants and customers, we can make a meaningful difference in keep our region sustainable.”