New luxury spa treatment in Whistler feels like a full ab workout

Mar 17 2021, 3:43 pm

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The pitfalls of trying to build muscle or lose stubborn fat are something many of us can relate to.

Add a pandemic to the mix and, suddenly, you might be finding it extra challenging to attain your ideal fitness level or physique. For an entirely new set of reasons, hitting the gym may seem especially perilous and working from home could have you sedentary for more hours a day than you’d like.

Treatments, like the ones being offered at The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge, can offer a new, no-sweat way to stay in shape, build strength, and keep that confidence sky-high despite ongoing circumstances.

The Whistler-based spa recently added the truBody by truSculpt treatments to its roster of offerings.

Lauren Zbarsky/Nita Lake Lodge

The innovative treatment can help get rid of stubborn fat in a completely non-surgical way. Beyond aesthetics, it can be used therapeutically to treat muscle and joint issues that are sources of chronic pain or due to injury.

The truBody by truSculpt treatment tones and sculpts core muscles, rebuilding strength and creating more muscle support. The stats also speak for themselves, showing that it’s likely to increase muscle mass by an average of 30% and reduce fat by 24%.

Think of it as benefiting from all the gains of an intense workout without any of the strain, and in a safe, controlled environment.

Built into all spa treatments are the stunning mountain views from the rooftop oasis, which features hot tubs, a eucalyptus steam room, and — of course — cozy robes and sandals.

“Voted Whistler’s Best for Beauty and Aesthetics, The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge has been known for offering the highest quality body, beauty, and aesthetic treatments. We are very proud to add the results-driven truBody by truSculpt to our menu and further elevate an integrative wellness experience for guests,” says Carly Scholz, General Manager at Nita Lake Lodge.

“Whistler is home to many professional athletes, and they have been loving the versatility of the truBody to help build, strengthen, and maintain muscle to support training and performance goals. We are proud to be the first spa in Whistler and the first destination resort in British Columbia to provide this game-changing technology,” says Scholz.

The epitome of Whistler hospitality, Nita Lake Lodge offers a uniquely modern and boutique take on the classic spa experience. Nestled along the shores of a serene, glacier-fed lake, everything from the landscape to the sophisticated treatments strives to provide guests with a transcendent wellness experience.

Local Whistler athletes recently gave the spa’s newest menu item, truBody by truSculpt, a try and put its findings to the test.

“I’m excited to use the technology because it seems like no matter how hard I train, no matter what I eat, I still have some problem areas. I mean, I’m human! You can feel it [truBody]! Your muscles are contracting, your muscles are working. I feel like I’ve just done a full ab workout. As a professional athlete, I can sincerely say that it definitely works,” says Micayla Gatto, Professional Freeride and Adventure Mountain Biker.

Lauren Zbarsky/Nita Lake Lodge

Together, truBody’s muscle sculpting and fat reduction technologies work in tandem to reduce fat, renew skin, and tone muscles — without pain or downtime. truBody by truSculpt is redefining how people approach staying in shape, breaking through plateaus, and potential recovery from sports injuries.

That said, the treatment is far from being solely reserved for athletes; it’s meant for anyone looking to feel more body-confident.

Take Erika Swanstrom, Lead Laser Technician at The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge and busy mom, for instance. As a preoccupied parent with an unforgiving schedule, the treatment proved to be an effective way for her to attain the figure she wants by helping remove fat, rebuild muscle, and renew skin. 

“I’m really trying to accomplish that hourglass figure that I used to have, and I definitely believe this technology is going to help me get there,” says Swanstrom.

From soothing and rejuvenating massages, scrubs, facials, and body treatments to the latest in results-driven laser and energy-based beauty and aesthetic technologies, The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge is there to help restore, relax, and reinvigorate your senses.

To learn more about truBody by truSculpt or book a free consultation, you can visit

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