Nintendo pop up art show in East Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 6:29 am

Nintendo fanboys and fangirls will be in eight-bit heaven as 23-year-old artist Michael Miller’s solo exhibition in East Van Studios celebrates the golden age of gaming.

The Nintendo Generation exhibit pays homage to the classic games: Earthbound, Super Mario Bros., Mega Man 3, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, The Legend of Zelda, and Dr. Mario.

And in case you’re wondering you can play the featured games. Guests can play the featured games  in a ’90’s style living room while they are projected on the studio’s walls.

The Nintendo Generation

Where: East Van Studio, 870 E. Cordova St, Vancouver

Dates: October 20 (opens at 7pm) to October 27, 2012

Admission: Free