Night Circus Space Cruise Alternative Night Out on Granville Street

Dec 19 2017, 10:17 am

Night Circus: Space Cruise is a rollicking night of fun. Grab your geeky girls and boys and head downtown for an alternative experience on the Granville Strip.

Night Circus is a pilot that can only be described as an experience — an experience that features burlesque, circus, live music and theatre — and instead of it happening on the stage, it happens all around you throughout the room. To make things even more interesting, each guest is given a passport upon entry. This passport has an alias, character traits and mission for guests to play along if they choose.


Gateway Drug & Fan Tribute

Night Circus can be a gateway performance to introduce the uninitiated to the worlds of burlesque, magic, acrobatic acts, live music, and theatre. It’s a culmination of everything live performance has to offer, layered with a healthy dose of geek culture and a distinct 1980’s vibe.


Night Circus also holds up to a serious geek’s experience, providing odes to classic sci-fi characters – a Chewbacca striptease and continual space ship references were standouts. What really made this night stand out were the quality of the cast on display. In particular, past Cirque du Soilel performer Sylvia Louis’ graceful and soaring trapeze solo stole the show. Red Heartbrea Ker on lead vocals exhibited impressive range and stamina, providing powerhouse performances to well-known 80’s anthems throughout the night.


This is a work in progress by Fanclub, so there are a few technical kinks to be hammered out. Also, while I applaud the efforts for audience participation, direction was sometimes confusing from host David C. Jones. There were varying degrees of success as the night progressed and the crowd got more socially lubricated.


Clocking in at close to three hours of entertainment, with a live DJ to continue the dancey crowd well into the night, it’s well worth the entrance price. Night Circus is an innovative take on the ‘live entertainment’ genre, and I hope this pilot is a sign of more things to come.

Night Circus: Space Cruise is a pilot project from Vancouver Fanclub, playing next on select dates in April: 18, 19, 25, 26. More information here.

Photo Credit: Diane Smithers.

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