Nicli's Next Door closing February 15, Nicli's Antica Pizzeria lives on

Dec 19 2017, 8:08 pm

Nicli’s Next Door, the casual Italian eatery located quite literally next door to papa ristorante Nicli’s Antica Pizzeria, will close for good on February 15.

Known for their small menu of antipasti, house-made pasta, cocktails, and lunch options, Nicli’s Next Door’s food was created by Chef Josh Gale, and the space itself a contemporary chic success story in the revived Gastown ‘hood.

Diners were a bit thrown off by the restaurant’s lack of pizza, but now as in then, fans of the signature Nicli’s pies can still take comfort in the wood-fired gems coming out of the oven at the original Nicli’s Antica Pizzeria.


Here is the full statement from Nicli’s media team about the closure of Nicli’s Next Door:

It was a joy to bring Nicli’s Next Door to the culinary community of Gastown, to create a higher level of appreciation for ingredients only BC can offer. Our team will lament the loss of Nicli’s Next Door, the great food and the philosophy it stood for.
However, there is no growth without change. Gastown is growing at an exponential rate and we are seeing a diversity within this culinary epicentre we haven’t seen in a long time.
We look forward to helping Gastown grow and maintain its status as a culinary epicentre for Vancouver, committed as we are to providing quality establishments and exceptional food for the Gastown community to enjoy.
The heart and soul of the Nicli family heritage still lives within the Nicli Antica Pizzeria wood-fired oven, and we welcome you to join us at Nicli Antica in celebration of the four touchstones of Italian culture—family, authenticity, and exceptional food and wine.

For lovers who happen to love Nicli’s Next Door, the restaurant is offering a four-course Valentine’s Day dinner; reservations required.