The Next Big Billboard: Your Phone

Dec 19 2017, 9:06 pm

We all know that cellphones are a huge industry. But how big?

Well, it is estimated that the average child receives their first cell phone at eight years old, and that over 90 per cent of Americans have a cell phone which they spend over two hours a day on.

With the consumers shifting into mobile use, it is no wonder that we are seeing more business dollars being spent here, whether it be mobile targeted advertising, mobile responsive websites, apps, accessories and now promotional items.

We have all received the notepad in the mail, the pen at the bank, the keyring at the trade show. All of these items are branded by a business in the hopes of you remembering their name. Now, with cellphones being ever present in our daily lives, mobile promotional items are starting to pop up.

When we caught up with Rocketcases last year, they were pushing forward into the consumer phone case market. Since then, they have released products for the iPhone 5S, 5 and the recently released iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. In addition, they have quietly started specializing in creating phone cases for businesses.


“In the beginning we had our friends ask us to create cases for their businesses” said Rocketcases co-founder Skye Chilton. “Once we did our first couple partnerships and people kept asking, we thought this could be another profitable channel.”


Since then, they have partnered with the likes of Hootsuite, The Vancouver Giants, Integra Gold Corp, Jann Arden, and even Macklemore.


“It’s a very versatile product. We’ve had our clients use it for merchandise, trade shows, fans giveaways, client gifts, outfitting their employees, you name it, almost any business can find a use for them.”

The 2012 report from the Advertising Specialty Institute indicated this about promotional items:

  • the average someone keeps the items is 5.8 months, longer than any other form of advertising

  • 66% of people who got rid of the item, gave it to someone else

  • 81% of people keep an item that’s useful (i.e. protects your phone)

  • 87% of people recalled the advertiser’s name

  • 31% indicated they were more likely to do business with the company

It concluded that promotional products produce the same or better ROI than other forms of media but considering the costs of certain types of advertising, the barrier to entry in promotional products is significantly lower.

With the coming holiday season, Rocketcases is currently working with multiple clients on Christmas related gifts.

Read more about their custom iPhone cases and custom Galaxy cases.

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