Why being a newcomer is best at IDS West

Dec 19 2017, 8:13 pm

First off, if you only make it through the first line of this article, here is the main point right off the top…when you walk through the doors of IDS West, you will not self combust if you don’t know what a cross-stitched wall is, or prefer the word “colour” over “hue.” If anything, being a newcomer is best. Be influenced, be intrigued and get inspired by going outside your comfort zone in order to create a new one, without any influence to what is what and who is who. Just do what works for you. 

The Interior Design Show West is coming to Vancouver for its 10th year and is a stellar display of West Coast comforts, talents, futuristic design displayed in a savvy blend of perfectly tailored tabletop splendor, sophisticated style, knick-knacks and art attacks. Sound intimating?

Show Director, David Tyldesley assures you that it shouldn’t be. A matter of fact, falling down this rabbit hole of throw pillows and center-pieces into a land of creative genius is less about all the things that are already on display, and more about your mind and vision taking you on a journey to fulfill your own design fantasies. This is glorified window-shopping, don’t you see? This is Pinterest in real life people! This, according to Tyldesley, is eye candy for your home.

“People, they come to get inspired, they come to get invigorated for their home and personal environments by trends, ideas and new design objects,” he says.

You want simple? Sure. You want a quartz veneer cladding or a Chieftain lounge chair? Yes, yes and yes.

While there are high-end pieces, there are also items for $20, so mix and match, have fun with it, and don’t assume that every frou-frou is not for you, or that every installation is alien. Wander through this maze and enjoy it for what it is – the wild brain child of someone’s creative dream, their artistry on display, floor to ceiling brilliance from curtain to lampshade, to the way this leans on that, exceptional architecture and wood-workings all to be admired and inspire.

This is about you, so fear not. Allow yourself to wonder what would look good in your home, in your space, and once you surface back into the world of basic lines, your brain will be full of beautiful ideas that perhaps weren’t realized before you entered the realm of interior design at its finest. You may begin to look at your home as not just a space, but a canvas that is begging to be painted with all the potential of the imagination.

The Interior Design Show West is at the Vancouver Convention Centre September 25-28.

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