New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

Dec 19 2017, 4:46 am

2010 was an amazing year, Olympics anyone? But it is over now and time to look forward to 2011. For some this means a New Year’s resolution, or a goal to achieve for 2011. Probably one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is “I’d like to lose X number of lbs in 2011” but it isn’t really a resolution, it is a result.

When you resolve to do something you need to define the actions that will get you the result you are looking to achieve. So what are the actions necessary for losing weight? It is dependent on the individual but the majority of the actions will come from two areas: nutritional and physical activity habits. From the list below choose 2-3 actions that you can implement into your life for the first 6 weeks of 2011.

  • Eat breakfast every morning (a coffee and a donut doesn’t count)
  • Always choose whole grains
  • Eat 10-12 servings of fruits and vegetables a day
  • Eliminate/minimize liquid calories
  • Eat a treat once a week
  • Strength Train using Primal Movement Patterns twice a week
  • Work on your mobility for 10mins before you go to sleep every night
  • Interval train at least once a week
  • Use active modes of transportation as much as possible
  • Take the stairs whenever possible

After 6 weeks you may not necessarily have reached your end result of losing X lbs but you will have a measuring stick to check your progress. It is incredibly difficult to overhaul your entire life in just a few weeks, so by picking just a few simple actions to work on over a 6 week period you can incrementally make changes throughout 2011… after all your goal is to lose X number of lbs in 2011, not just in the first 6 weeks.

Check back frequently throughout January as I will post more tips and specific training sessions for achieving you weight loss resolution!

Josh Neumann, BHK, PTS, TSCC-1
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