New Year's Resolution: Get Mentally Fit / Quit Smoking

Dec 19 2017, 4:00 am

Today’s New Year resolution is about acquiring a mental peace of mind and getting focused. Our society is increasingly becoming plagued by mental illnesses so keeping your mind healthy is as important as your body to stay on that daily grind.

Meditation is the top choice for achieving a healthier, happier, and focused mind. The claimed benefits are numerous. Top athletes, celebrities, and executives have made meditation part of their daily regimen.

In Vancouver, there are plenty of options. From Buddhist, to Gay, to pretty much any yoga studio, the locales are endless. Hell even the online meditation stuff is based in Vancouver. If you wanna just meditate at home, watch a video and learn how. Or just sit in one spot and don’t think about anything for five minutes – that’s meditation in a nutshell. There are a ton of different forms so do your research. But I advise to keep it simple if you’re getting started.

There are also powerful breathing techniques which can provide a different level of mental benefits. The Art of Living Foundation is the largest NGO in the world and has been growing in Vancouver exponentially in the past year. They offer courses for adults and youth (under 30), for breathing (to eliminate mental toxins) and self-improvement.

I thought I would also throw in quitting smoking as a resolution in here. It’s one of the top resolutions for people.

There are guides and videos online and tons of products. Everyone is different so you just have to try and see what works. The most common strategy for quitting I found while researching was cold turkey. Cold turkey usually occurs when someone has some sort of self-realization, then they quit smoking. Finding that self-realization is the key. What is your why?

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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