New Year Resolution: Get Fit!

Dec 19 2017, 4:00 am

We’ll be doing a five-part series on some popular New Year’s resolutions this week and some locales. Today we’ll cover getting fit!

There are plenty of (weird) fads out there, but it’s probably better to keep things simple. Set up realistic workout goals, a schedule, and find a buddy if you need one for motivation. Check out, they have everything you need for workout plans and diet.

Living in Vancouver has given us the luxury of having a plethora of opportunities to get fit. Whether it’s strength or cardio training, yoga, or anything outdoor, the number of places for activity are numerous. This is one of the reasons why we have the greatest life expectancy in the country.

Local gyms are abundant. One gym which is intriguing is the (new) Steve Nash Fitness World. Since Victoria’s Nash bought the chain, some apparent changes have been made. I’ve heard they have a life-size cut-out of Nash when you enter the Cambie location, and staff have t-shirts with “Team Nash” written on the back. I’m sure there will be some good changes coming soon so it would be worthwhile to check it out.

If you’re into something that offers the best facilities, you can’t go wrong with the YMCA and its many locations. They have all the weight and cardio training you need plus a swimming pool, basketball, racquetball, etc. Local gyms, such as SportCentral in Richmond, offer straight no chase workouts for a cheap price, although the equipment isn’t always the greatest in some gyms. SportCentral is decent enough though.

MMA has become extremely popular and is a great workout, as well as making you a better fighter. I googled and found Versus and Dynamic for MMA training. But do your research.

Obviously, yoga is a hit in Vancouver. Hell, Lululemon and their tight yoga pants were invented here. There are so many yoga studios around the city, just flip open the yellow pages and go for it. Bikram’s hot yoga is also very popular.

If you hate being stuck indoors like I do, hit up one of the local mountains for skiing, snowboarding, etc.

Create a diversified workout regimen to keep things fun, and get fit!

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