New Vancouver Convention Centre to Host International Bar Association

Dec 19 2017, 11:50 am

That’s right the new convention centre just got another booking, but I thought that was supposed to rival Montreal’s Big O in terms of financial disasters, how can it be that it is actually attracting new conventions. Who’d a thunk that. Where are all the naysayers now? Probably hiding behind a bag of bricks as they search for another project to spin and thus brain wash left leaning individuals with no hopes and dreams.
Yes the people that lack a purpose in life other than creating an affordable urban utopia. Affordable being the key as many don’t like to work because well that is just too damned hard or perhaps they are too good to work. Case in point is the burrito boy (or man). Or is it Sandwich man, whatever the case may be please give your job to a more capable 16 year old.3000 lawyers translates into roughtly $10 million in economic activity, at least. Not too shabby.

Further, to reiterate that Vancouver isn’t a festering cesspool in comparison to other cities around the world I give you these quotes from the article:

How about the homelessness problem? Yes, it’s “quite upsetting,” she noted, but it’s not so very different from that in the rest of the world.

What about the drug scene? “I’m afraid you’ve got a drug scene in so many places now,” she replied.

Or how about the rash of recent gang killings? “I think, in international terms, that didn’t feature very largely,” she suggested, noting Vancouver is still perceived as a very safe city.

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