New rack in Kits - Local creates more parking spots for your bike

Dec 19 2017, 10:19 am

From sipping on drinks served in a glass boot to enjoying a brilliant fish taco with the perfect brew, Local Public Eatery at Kits Beach seems to have fresh and forward thinking on tap. So it comes as little surprise that the Cornwall Avenue hot spot — part of the JOEY Restaurant Group — installed a wicked, new, hanging bike rack this week. It gives you another reason to leave your vehicle at home, because nobody has a feel-good parking story from Kits Beach.

local kits bike rack

“We are hoping that more people will bike down than drive now that we have the racks,” said General Manger Brody Jones.

So far it seems that a few people have overlooked or misused it, and locked their bike along the railing, when all they had to do was simply look up for the hook. The rack is designed for the bikes to hang vertically by the front wheel on a big hook. The bottom wheel, at the base, can be wrapped with the chain that is provided and then secured with your own lock.

local kits bike rack

It’s a huge improvement from the ancient and awkward public bike racks on the corner of Yew and Cornwall. It also beats locking it to a street sign where it can get dinged by cars parking. Local’s new rack is also elevated, so when you can hang your bike you can even keep an eye on it whether you are on the patio or inside.

“The racks are completely custom,” said Jones. “When our team heard about the new bike lanes coming in they jumped on looking at ways to make Local more bike friendly.”

local kits bike rack

With all the bike drama of late surrounding Kitsilano and Point Grey Road, Local really put their foot to the pedal on this one, making it a welcome pit stop for cyclists, bike gangs and weekend warriors who need a bite to eat.

It’s free and it’s green, and unlike most racks you see around town, this one is real.

local public eatery