New queuing system for 99 B-Line bus at Commercial-Broadway (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 11:51 am

More than 60,000 people use the 99 B-Line every weekday, with many boarding the rapid bus route from Commercial-Broadway Station.

However, at the start of every school semester, lineups at the station’s westbound bus stop to UBC – one of the region’s busiest bus stops – have always been particularly long and chaotic. This is the case even when buses are running as frequent as every single minute.

In time for next week’s first day of school for post-secondary students, TransLink is undertaking a pilot project for the westbound stop consisting of painted lines on the pavement that create queues leading to each of the three bus doors.

This will keep the boarding process more organized while also creating sidewalk space for people to pass through the crowd.

According to TransLink, painting will be undertaken this week and will require a slight temporary westward shift of both the 99 B-Line and 9 trolley stops to allow for the construction work.

The project is also part of the massive $60-million Phase 2 overhaul planned for SkyTrain’s Commercial-Broadway Station, which includes plans to install new 99 B-Line bus shelters and permanent queuing systems in spring 2015.

Upgrades are being done to not only meet existing demand but also to plan for the expected 25 per cent increase in ridership at Commercial-Broadway Station when the SkyTrain Evergreen Line opens in the summer of 2016.

Ridership demand for the 99 B-Line from the station is also expected to greatly increase, even though the bus service is already running at capacity.

Time lapse video of TransLink queuing system study at westbound stop of 99 B-Line:

[youtube id=”_wGgAB4qsd4″]


Feature Image: TransLink screenshot via YouTube