New online game centres on bloody massacre at a SkyTrain station

Dec 19 2017, 11:38 am

A new online game called Main Street Massacre lets players take out their rage on fellow passengers on a SkyTrain platform in Vancouver, and now its the focus of a Transit Police investigation.

In this rudimentary first-person shooter-style game, players take on the role of Mack, a guy heading home after a “crappy day at work,” only to discover the “SkyTrain is all fucked up,” according to the game’s lengthy intro sequence. Mack’s recourse is to start murdering off his fellow commuters in a bloody rampage in order for him to make it to the check cashing store before it closes.

“Players use the directional arrows and space bar of their keyboards to control Mack, racking up a body count by killing passengers on the Main Street-Terminal SkyTrain platform,” explains the Sun. The player then moves on to have Mack kill again on the stairs and street level, before his final violent exit.

The game is crudely drawn, and seems to have been hastily assembled and freshly launched by a phony person and company, Alexi Wildman of Wildman Industrie. The game’s domain name was registered July 30, according to CTV, which puts the anger-fueled keyboard-commanded game appearing just after the recent series of SkyTrain service disruptions.

Questions have arisen as to the role of the game in local transit politics. Media analyst Brent Stafford speculated in an interview with CTV Vancouver that the person behind the game is likely an “agitator” and that the game was “designed to make a political point to gain publicity.”

However, Art institute of Vancouver game designer teacher Jason Lee Elliott said in an interview on CBC’s Early Edition Wednesday morning he sees the endeavour as more artistic: “Through the experiences [the game creator]’s had on SkyTrain, he wanted to find a way that he could use his voice to express his frustrations of the situation of riding the SkyTrain every day. It just happened that games is his medium.”

Political, creative, or both, the Transit Police are nonetheless exploring Main Street Massacre further. In a statement issued Wednesday the Transit Police say they “are in the process of reviewing this video to determine if any police related issues come to light.”

Other groups represented in the game are speaking out:



Whoever is behind the game is hoping players will make donations to support the operation of the site, and to keep the creator going: “I have many more things to build,” says a message at the end of the game.

UPDATE: The game’s creator is a real-life construction worker named Colin Palmer.

Featured image: Main Street Massacre opening sequence (Screenshot)