New Google feature shows when restaurants and businesses are busy

Dec 19 2017, 4:34 pm

Popular restaurants come with long lines but a new feature by Google now allows you to get an idea of how crowded a business is before visiting.

Tracking data that indicate its busiest times now appears below the name of a business. The data goes by hour, and the user can swipe to find the corresponding times for each day of the week.


Image: Google

Google puts together these calculations from apps that use location data on smartphones, a feature that also allows it to track traffic congestion on its maps.

The new feature announced by Google on Tuesday appears on the Android Google Search app as well as the Safari app on the iPhone. The company said it has enabled this feature for “millions of places and businesses around the world,” however not every business is included since the option has only just been launched.

Given that not everyone has location data or even a smartphone, this new feature is only accurate to a certain degree. However, it definitely gives the user a better sense of the business’s busy hours to decrease wait times.


This new feature was released only a day after Google announced that YouTube will no longer be connected to Google+. YouTube videos will no longer appear on users Google+ accounts, but it will be several months before you can create a YouTube channel without Google+.