6 new directions to take your career (and how to get there)

Jan 5 2018, 11:08 pm

When you love your job, the people around you can feel it.

It could be the little things, like your ridiculously good morning moods, your unironic love of Mondays, or your tendency to jot down any idea that pops into your head. It’s easy to tell when someone’s passionate about what they do.

If you’re reading this and slowly realizing you’re not where you want to be in your professional life yet, don’t worry. It just means it’s time for you to go back to school and take control of your career path.

Now that we’re at the start of a new year, it’s the perfect time to get proactive. So with that in mind, we’ve teamed up with Royal Roads University (RRU) to show you six possible careers you could transition into with some further education.

International Hotel Manager

Not everyone wants to work the typical nine to five gig – and this is one career that offers the total opposite. You would be choosing to work in an environment that suits your pace, with plenty of room to advance on the career ladder, and the ability to reap the rewards of hospitality perks.

This is a job that can take you anywhere you want to go in the world, allowing you to combine travel as you get invaluable work experience. Studying International Hotel Management or Tourism Management will help you build the credentials necessary to get ahead in this industry.

Instructional Designer

You don’t have to be an artist or have a creative background to become an instructional designer. Working in this role would involve designing and developing effective learning tools and strategies. Instructional designers can work in a wide range of areas, creating compelling course content on a specific subject matter, recognizing a target audience’s training needs, or applying tested instructional design theories, practice, and methods to real world scenarios.

And it’s easy to get a start in this career when you have the right qualifications. RRU offers the opportunity for you to make a life-changing professional transformation in the form of a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design that you can complete in just seven months online. We kid you not.

Sustainability Consultant

Now more than ever, organizations want to do all they can for the environment. As a sustainability consultant, you would work with clients to help them develop environmental and social strategy goals. In this career, you’ll have many options open to you, including working for yourself or choosing to work full-time for a company. Sustainability consultants make businesses better (and greener), and completing a two-year master’s degree in Environment and Management can get you there.

Bonus: Not all learning takes place in the classroom. RRU values students who arrive with a variety of life and educational experiences, and who may prefer to take courses online or participate in field learning.

Peacebuilding Affairs Officer

Imagine being able to say that you play a crucial role in social transformation. You could just that as a peacebuilding affairs officer. Being qualified in this area means working either in international humanitarian assistance, social reconstruction and capacity building, or peacebuilding – transforming short-term initiatives into long-term sustainable peace processes.

You could work for governmental bodies, the United Nations, or many more large-scale organizations. To get started down this path, you may want to pursue a Master of Arts in Human Security and Peacebuilding. But don’t let that shake you; the majority of this program’s curriculum is delivered online over a two-year period.

Cultural Arts Director

If you’ve got a true interest in the arts, why not pursue it as a full-time career? A cultural arts director is responsible for connecting the community with arts and culture. This is a role which requires using the business skills and resources that are at your disposal in order to build on existing programs. Working in this field gives you the opportunity to enrich the lives of others on a daily basis. This career choice could lead to you working with an organization such as a theatre company, either in Canada or overseas.

Studying an 18 or 24-month Master of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication at RRU is an excellent way you can get started. The program is taken both online and on campus, and once graduated, you’ll have the skills needed to help organizations respond to the rapidly changing global environment and communicate effectively in complex circumstances.

Talent Acquisition Specialist

The employees determine the success of that a company, regardless of what stage the business is at. As a talent acquisition specialist, your responsibility would be to facilitate the effective staffing of an organization. To do this, you would identify the needs of the company and then scout out talented individuals to fill those needs. Talent acquisition specialists work directly with managers, and are often employed at recruitment agencies or in-house at a firm.

The demand for this role is high, and if you’re a solid communicator, it could be just the right fit for you. Taking a short six-month Graduate Certificate in Strategic Human Resources Management at RRU can help you expand upon your existing education, as you’ll be able to learn from scholar practitioners and put that research into meaningful action.

These are just six of many rewarding and life-changing career options that are available to you. If you find yourself unsatisfied with your current job situation, or if you just want to make the most of your quarter-to-mid-life crisis, consider taking the first steps down a new career path. What better time than January for making big, positive changes in your life?

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