New creative studio MNSTR Gallery opens in Mount Pleasant

Jun 9 2017, 8:43 pm

A brand new creative studio in Mount Pleasant, MNSTR Gallery, is hosting an opening reception on Saturday June 10 to showcase its premiere exhibition, Graphically Speaking.

We hear it time and time again—despite the high cost of living, people come to Vancouver for different reasons. For Singaporean creative duo Olivia Sari-Goerlach and BenG, it was the chance to pursue art without censorship.

Moving to Vancouver last year to pursue a job in animation, the couple quickly settled into a live-work loft in Mount Pleasant, and have reserved most of the ground floor for creative endeavours and exhibitions.

Image: MNSTR Gallery

Graphically Speaking is Olivia Sari-Goerlach’s collaboration with 12 Singaporean visual artists, using the artists’ own portraits as starting points. Set against different monochromatic colours, the pieces are mixed-media representations of each artist’s individual style.

“I feel that many artists today are leaving out the craft side of their creativity, due to the modern processes made available. Computers are powerful tools that help us create things, but we are so accustomed to their efficiency that it has made us ‘lazy’ in a way,” says Sari-Goerlach.

Image: Olivia Sari-Goerlach

MNSTR Gallery also hopes to expand into other exhibitions this year, which include collaborations with Vancouver-based artists (applications currently open) and well as between the duo themselves. Sari-Goerlach also does food photography on the side, a fitting passion for the foodie cultures of both Vancouver and Singapore.

After a year in Vancouver, Sari-Goerlach says that the best things about the city are the people and the environment, especially when it comes to air quality. The worst? Our apparent lack of real sour cream—”What’s up with that?”

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Graphically Speaking

  • Where: MNSTR Gallery – 1818 Lorne St, Vancouver
  • When: June 10 at 2pm (exhibition runs until July 8, by appointment only)
  • Tickets: Free; RSVP on Facebook
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