Never swipe again with this one cool trick

Dec 19 2017, 4:40 pm

As the two previous articles on the 9 types of guys and girls you’ll meet swiping in Vancouver has shown, swiping your finger to the left and right over and over again is difficult, strenuous work. Especially when you’re swiping the faces of people that you might want to go on a date with. You could eventually develop carpal-tunnel syndrome, or worse yet, accidentally swipe away the girl or guy of your dreams.


You see an image of a Vancouver Special, and you automatically think “generic”, “boring”, and maybe even “out of my price range”. But what does that Vancouver Special really say about the girl behind it? And what about the Granville Griffen, whose profile pics are filled with tank-topped snaps from an overcrowded party bus? Can you really know anything about someone from a few photos that you spend a few milliseconds looking at? What if he really just wants to chill out and read Margaret Atwood in the park?


With Tinder, you never really know. But hey, listen – it doesn’t have to be this way. Yes, this sounds like an infomercial pitch for the next generation of slap chop. But it just might be the slap chop of fate that changes your life. Forever.

Truth be told, we have all swiped with the best of them spending hours upon hours endlessly cycling through a parade of faces that all say “meh”, only to get caught up in the eternal text back and forth that, if you’re lucky, might lead to semi-enjoyable lunch date or after work drink.


But eventually your fingers get tired, so now is the time to sign up for something new.

Tired of the epic struggle that was required just to sit down and have a coffee with someone. It seemed profoundly anticlimactic after all that swiping and texting.

So instead of judging people based on the lowest amount of information possible – a couple photos and a one sentence profile, hit warp drive and try something that makes online dating a lot more interesting from the moment you open the app.

It’s called SuperDate, and it’s the antidote to the modern dating grind. It’s the first dating app that puts getting out and doing things “in real life” front and centre. They have stripped “the game” out of the dating game and left the only thing that matters – you getting away from your computer, putting down your phone, and back out into the world.

Superdate will be launching the website and app next month, but before they do that, they want to show Vancouver what’s so Super about their approach. So they want you to tell them what you think the raddest and most interesting date would be, and they are going to make it happen for 10 winners and their lucky dates.