Netflix added a new icon and people are freaking out

Jun 20 2016, 8:42 pm

In 2014, Netflix updated its DVD-era logo to the one you’ve spent more than your fair share of nights staring blankly at until 3am.

You know, this super comforting one right here:

Netflix logo


Well, today they updated their icon (yes, icon – not their logo) and it’s going to make you feel the feels one way or another.

Netflix new icon


Needless to say, people were confused, upset, and, well, pretty funny about it.

Netflix told The Next Web:

We are introducing a new element into our branding with an N icon. The current Netflix logo will still remain, and the icon will start to be incorporated into our mobile apps along with other product integrations in the near future.  

One thing’s for sure, for a generation that should remember growing up with land lines, millennials sure seem to still hate change. What do you think of Netflix’s new ‘icon’?

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