Opinion: NDP the “No Development Party”

Dec 19 2017, 7:27 am

One of Christy Clark’s first acts as premier was developing and beginning the implementation of the BC’s Jobs Plan, a plan that creates an environment that encourages entrepreneurship, investments in our natural resource sector and opens new markets for British Columbia’s products.

The implementation of the jobs plan has led to the creation of over 30 thousand jobs, a record number of exports leaving BC’s ports, 80 billion dollars worth of investment into the province and retaining our triple a credit rating. That is the result of the BC Jobs plans and those are not BC Liberals facts or Christy Clark’s facts those are THE facts.

Adrian Dix from the onset of the BC jobs plan has steadfastly criticized the plan for being ineffective and unsuccessful but what he hasn’t said is what would his alternative be, amongst the dozens of pictures and title pages in the NDP platform not one clear indication of how an NDP government would create jobs is made. The NDP and Adrian Dix have chosen to do the easy job of criticizing the BC Liberals for their jobs plan but have decided they would rather not do the difficult task of coming up with one themselves.

One of the central themes in the BC jobs plan is the development of the liquefied natural gas industry because LNG has the potential to do for BC what oil did for Alberta. The development of LNG in British Columbia can create up to 75,000 jobs, boost our economy by hundreds of billions and provide us with the additional sources of revenue that could be invested back into education and healthcare and be used to pay down our debt. In one-year natural gas companies to develop a LNG sector have invested 7 billion and Japan has provided $10 billion in loan guarantees to Japanese companies that are interested in B.C.

Mr. Dix has taken a perplexing position on LNG, he has said he would support it on one hand but on the other, he has said he would not allow site c to go ahead which is required to power the LNG plants. John Horgan has referred to potential investors as suckers and Charlie Wyse announced that the NDP if elected would put a moratorium on fracking, which is the only means to extract natural gas from the ground. Adrian Dix’s recipe for LNG results in a trip back to the days of a have not BC, high unemployment numbers and low investment numbers in BC.


Written by a B.C. Liberal contributor to Vancity Buzz.


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Image CP/Chad Hipolito