NDP Now Fuming Over BC Place Renovations, What Will It Be Next Week...

Dec 19 2017, 11:49 am

First it was the carbon tax, then the price of gas went under a dollar. Then they moved on to the Olympic Village which we talked about at ad nauseam here on the buzz. Then Carole James realized that was a municipal issue, d’oh!. Oh and the Olympics were an NDP idea to begin with. Then there were the endless sound bites about the new over budget Vancouver Convention Centre expansion, forgetting about their own political follies such as Bingogate and ahem…fast ferries.
Now the NDP seem to have issue with the new BC place roof. Perhaps the NDP have forgotten what MLA Harry Bains said in 2006. Remember when he said the renovations and upgrades to the roof are a priority. I guess they flip-flopped on that one. I wonder what they’ll conjure up next.I am not a Liberal supporter, nor am I an NDP supporter. I vote for whoever I think is best to lead this province to the top and right now for me the NDP does not instill any confidence whatsoever. The only thing that comes out of the NDP politicians mouths is hate. All they do is complain about what the Liberals are doing (which is a good job by the way) and have no plan for themselves. For that very reason they have to be the stupidest bunch of politicians out there. Carole James is not a leader. She needs to go and the rest of her party is no better. Give me something other than union bullshit. Tell me you understand simple economics and finance because from what I heard coming from you guys thus far is highschool.

This May when you vote take into consideration the NDP likes to flip-flop and has no plan.

Maverick, UD I’d like to read your take on the upcoming election.

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