NCAA March Madness preview

As the NCAA March Madness tournament draws closer, I will give you my preview of each region from the bracket and after give you my clear favourite to win the big tournament.
I am going to start off with the East Region and tell you my first few impressions, and players to watch out for.  Vanderbilt proved its worth with a run to the SEC tournament title through a victory over the High Octane offense of Kentucky on Sunday.  If Vanderbilt can get through the Wildcats, the veteran-heavy squad can get through Syracuse and Ohio State, too.

Does Syracuse need a star to get through this region, that’s the question that’s plagued this Syracuse team all season, and yet they still win with balance.  Syracuse still might need Dion Waiters and Kris Joseph to carry them consistently to reach New Orleans.

A few players to watch in this region are in my opinion: Kevin Jones from West Virginia, John Jenkins from Vanderbilt, Jordan Taylor from Wisconsin. All three players could really help each team to reach New Orleans.  My Cinderella team to win this region should be Montana, they are on fire lately and seem like no one can stop them.

Now onto the west, and how will the west be won? I will tell you.  First things first, if you like up-tempo basketball, then this is the region for you, and if you don’t like up-tempo basketball, well..I guess you know what that means.   Every NCAA tournament region is entertaining.  That’s the unified theory of March.  But this one might be the best, at the very least, the fastest.

There are two non-Michigan State teams that might strike fear into the eyes of Tigers Fans, the first is Florida, an underrated team that is seeded at No. 7 and the other is the No. 3 seed, Marquette.  Not only do the Golden Eagles play fast, but Coach Buzz Williams is one of the nation’s meticulous and stats oriented scouting forces.

Few players to watch in the west region are:   Draymond Green, from Michigan State, Scott Machado, from Iona, and Flip Pressey , from Missouri.  Draymond Green is one of the nation’s best and Michigan will be looking to him for loads of Offense.  Scott and Flip are two players that could carry their teams if they have players around then motivated to do the same thing they want to do and that is WIN.

My candidate to be a Cinderella from the west has to be Iona! Scott Machado, the nation’s assists leader is like watching Steve Nash all over again from his rookie year.  If Scott can dish to his main targets in Michael Glover and MoMo Jones, the west region should be scared!

Not a lot to say about the Midwest here, it’s all about two teams! North Carolina and Kansas, they are both two teams who will be destined to meet in the Elite Eight.  In my opinion, I am all for the Carolina-Kansas showdown, but if it happens, is it going to live up to the hype?

A few players to watch in the Midwest region must be, Thomas Robinson from Kansas, Kendall Marshall from North Carolina, and Doug McDermott from Creighton.  Thomas Robinson in my opinion is the guy everyone needs to watch, he’s a great all-around player and could lead Kansas to New Orleans. Kendall and Greg are two great players, but can’t compare to Robinson.

Belmont and Detroit are two teams who could pull out the Cinderella story in this region.  They should make it to the sweet 16, and if they pull out the upset wins during the sweet 16, either team can go far and take the National Title.

The field is set for the South Region; let’s take a look at the teams.  Kentucky is the clear cut favourite to win this bracket and possibly the national championship, but as everyone knows, or should know, there’s never an easy road to the Championship or the Final Four.

One of the best Guard matchups will happen in the 2nd round of this region, when Duke’s Austin Rivers face-off’s against LeHigh’s CJ McCollum. These two will be watched by many NBA Gm.’s during the next month and all the way to the upcoming draft.

South Dakota may have a funny team nickname but they have a hidden gem that no one really talks about in Nate Wolters, if no one stops this player, watch out Wildcats, because he could quite possibly destroy everyone.

Other than Kentucky being the hottest team in the country, Colorado puts a great argument as also being one of the hottest teams in the country after winning the Pac-12 Tournament. The Buffaloes probably don’t have the rebounding to deal with UNLV, but could still provide a thriller for South Region fans.

A few players to watch out for in the South Region are of course, Anthony Davis of Kentucky, Austin Rivers from Duke, and Mike Moser from UNLV.  Anthony Davis is quite possibly the most NBA ready player I’ve ever saw of my years watching NCAA, he should provide a big spark for the Wildcats.  Austin Rivers also, he’s a very talented guard, and could steal the show in many games in the upcoming Tournament.  If UNLV is the sleeper team, Mike Moser better provide the offense and rebounding for UNLV, as they will need him to be there in the crucial moments.

So my favourite to win the National Title out of every single team in the country, has to be the Kentucky Wildcats. There high octane offense and beastly defense won’t and can’t be stopped. Kentucky Wildcats will win the National Title.

That’s all for now everyone, hope you all enjoyed the blog, it took me a while to put this all together as I’ve been doing a lot of research for this.   Please follow me on Twitter @kevincawthra.  Till next time,


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