Nature’s Ninjas have touched down at the Vancouver Aquarium to show off their self-defense skills

May 11 2023, 5:00 pm

There’s nothing quite like a trip to the Vancouver Aquarium for a guaranteed day of education and fun for all ages — especially when new exhibits come in. On display from now until Monday, September 4, the aquarium’s latest interactive exhibit is one that will not only wow, but may just teach you a helpful trick or two.

Nature’s Ninjas is a deep dive into the defense mechanisms of the animal kingdom. From hiding behind quills and hard shells to being able to transform their appearance to scare off predators dramatically, these are animals that have learnt to protect themselves in the wild.

vancouver aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium

This exhibit will bring you face-to-face with local and exotic animals with some of the best, sneakiest defenses in the world to stay safe from danger.

It also features group talks with experts, hands-on interactive displays, and more as you watch the critters do their thing.

The installation also goes beyond the typical animals you’d usually find at the aquarium. Taking us not just to sea, but also to land and air with sly sloths, tough turtles, clever chameleons, tricky tarantulas, and many more characters that are sure to become your new favourites — and maybe even inspire you for the next time you sense danger.

vancouver aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium

Whether it’s a cunning creature with a secretly poisonous barb or bite, a cuddly-looking critter with not-so-cuddly razor-sharp spikes or strong armour, or an expert at camouflage who knows just when to blend into the background, you can see and study nature’s craftiest creatures at the Vancouver Aquarium.

And, when you’ve mastered all of the defense skills of the wild, the attraction still has more than 65,000 animals to see across 120 exhibits just asking to be explored.

So book your visit online today to see Nature’s Ninjas and a whole bevy of other wildlife in action at Vancouver Aquarium!

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