Say hello to Canada's next favourite holiday: National Wing Weekend

Jul 7 2018, 5:20 am

It’s long been established that chicken wings are a solid contender for any meal, at any time of the day. (Feel free to fight us about this. Wings for breakfast? You do you.)

Who cares if you look like a medieval king when you’re feasting on them? Who cares if they’re your go-to meal when you’re heading home at 4 am? Who cares if you’re in public and there are families nearby?

You’re on a mission to get every last bit of succulent meat off the bone because to waste the wing is to disrespect the wing. And you’re all about respect.

At this point, chicken wings are such a big deal in Canada that they’re marked with a holiday, National Chicken Wing Day, which falls on July 29. But 7-Eleven Canada feels one day is not enough. Not on their watch.

Last year, the convenience store became the first brand in Canada to throw all of the napkins in the air to celebrate National Wing Day. This year, the delicious fun continues. 7-Eleven Canada has extended the holiday making it an entire weekend! Check them out on Saturday, July 28 and Sunday, July 29 for a taste.

To further celebrate this momentous occasion, you can get 10 chicken wings made with 100% Canadian chicken for only $7.11 (get it?) from 7-Eleven stores nationwide. This means you’ll have one major choice when you walk up to your local 7-Eleven hot food counter: crispy or spicy wings? Okay, maybe a few choices. There are a lot of flavours to pick from, including honey garlic.

Chicken wings/7-Eleven

If you were wondering, the Canadian chicken sold in-store is raised hormone and steroid-free, like all chicken in our country. Oh, and 7-Eleven has been in the chicken business for 20 years, too. Cooked on demand, and hot from the oven in minutes, so you won’t be suffering through amateur hour hot wings.

Visit 7-Eleven for more information and to find a store near you.

(Bring napkins.)

National Wing Weekend

When: July 28 and 29
Where: All 7-Eleven Canada stores

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