Naked Sushi still a thing you can do in Vancouver

Feb 27 2017, 6:06 pm

Lest you think that eating a full sushi feast of a nearly-nude lady’s body is, like, so 2015, fear not: Naked Sushi is still totally a thing you can do in Vancouver.

What we call “Naked Sushi” or “Body Sushi” is the Japanese practice of “nyotaimori,” which involves models–almost always female–who have been trained to lie still for hours while their nude bodies serve as platters for a sushi and sashimi feast.

Vancouver’s Naked Sushi has been offering its services for private events since mid-2014. It makes perfect sense, too: Vancouver is pretty much North America’s sushi capital. Though they seemed to have let their Instagram account go dormant over the past few months, the catering biz has recently re-booted their casting calls, and is booking events for the nyotaimori curious.

While you typically have to book a full party to check out Naked Sushi (and it’s about $800 for a group of 15, uh, diners), the company is getting ready to put on a ticketed event to bring their unique spin on eating raw fish to the masses.

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There are, of course, rules of conduct for those enjoying a Naked Sushi meal. Your chopsticks are the only things allowed to pick up the sushi, and diners are asked to refrain from touching or speaking to the model, or making lewd gestures or comments. Gentlemen, this is NOT an all-you can eat.

So, really, what better addition to your bachelor party?