The grand opening of the Mystic Masala Aromatherapy

Dec 19 2017, 10:21 am

At first I thought I was lost. My GPS was telling me that the destination was on my right, and yet what I saw there was only a quaint home.

Then, through the window I noticed a gathering of people, many of whom were holding cocktails, cha-ching. It was that, and the allure of the home’s bright orange door that beckoned me to park.

I am certainly glad, because the world inside those walls was full of sweet smells and even sweeter treats. So began my evening with the “spice mistress” at the grand opening of The Mystic Masala Aromatherapy, at 1723 Grant Street, just off Commercial Drive.

Created over a decade ago by Glynnis Osher, a woman with an incomparable passion for unique aromas, The Mystic Masala Aromatherapy is founded on positive principals.

From social and environmental responsibility through fair trade to sustainable harvesting practices and the empowerment of women in Nepal, the spice mistress brings these benefits to customers locally and worldwide, through locally made, all-natural product.

Based in Vancouver, The Mystic Masala holds the vision of “contributing to the well-being of all life, through the enjoyment and perception of nature’s intelligence and aromatic beauty.” With clients from spas, to yoga studios and organic markets through North America, the message only continues to spread.

Cocktails and oils on display at The Mystic Masala grand opening

Cocktails and oils on display at The Mystic Masala grand opening

There were stacks of soaps and face/body oils in individual bars or bottles, and another display near the door boasting a “Love Potion.” There were also mama and baby soap and massage oils, all containing natural ingredients using a traditional Ayurvedic cold- process of infused wildcrafted herbs, flowers and spices. A point of interest were the latest Mystic Masala product, an Aromatic Mala – Buddhist prayer beads with a perfume amulet and gemstones.

The intention of each aroma is to create balance and harmony within oneself. This, according to the different mind/body types, which include Vata, Pitta, Kapha and Tridoshic.

From left to right: Glynnis, Eleni Tsapas of Bling PR, with Danielle LaPorte

From left to right: Glynnis, Eleni Tsapas of Bling PR, with Danielle LaPorte

As bloggers, TV personalities, actors and pod-cast specialists networked among the natural smells, a small bar served delicious cocktails (gin, lemonade and ginger beer), while a display of delicious, all-natural treats were provided. For all those tired typing hands, a professional masseuse waited in a back room behind a drawn curtain, ready to ease any woes with a calming hand massage.

Overall, I’m glad I went inside and didn’t opt for a drive-by instead. On my way out I was given a little sample bag to take home, and while I haven’t yet had a chance to try the product, at first sight and smell, I know I won’t be disappointed. If natural is your niche, then The Mystic Masala Aromatherapy is an excellent little place to stop, smell and be well.

Follow your nose –

From right to left: Myself with actress Aliyah O'Brien and TV Host Zara Durrani

From right to left: Myself with actress Aliyah O’Brien and TV Host Zara Durrani
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