Vancouver mystified as creepy fog rolls through town (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Sep 29 2017, 12:13 am

It was like something out of The Mist – and it had Vancouver freaking out. Well, either that, or just reacting to weather as only we know how.

The mysterious fog which rolled through Vancouver on Wednesday was actually caused by a ridge of high pressure, Environment Canada told us.

The fog bank formed over the Georgia Strait earlier in the morning, and was blown westwards to Vancouver. It dissipated later as the sun heated the air around it.

So that’s the science. But that didn’t stop us all wondering whether creepy creatures were about to emerge and eat us alive. OK, maybe that was just us.

Here’s how Vancouver’s own version of The Mist played out on social media:

Here’s that pilot coming into land in the fog:

The Mist!! Weird Ghostly Fog rolls in Vancouver. Creepy! #weirdweather #thefog #themist #fall #vancouver

A post shared by Johnny Veres (@punkrokk65) on

Its a weird circle of fog around Vancouver right now but pretty at the same time. #fog #vancouver #vancity #fallweather

A post shared by Wednesday Friday Lachance (@wednesdaylovesskulls) on

Sunshine, boats, fog, and mountains: what a fall day in Vancouver.

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