Canadian-born company Myodetox opens first US location in West Hollywood

Jan 21 2019, 8:50 pm

California is just about to get a dose of Canadian physiotherapy and massage therapy, with local company Myodetox opening their first international location in West Hollywood.

Started by Toronto-based physiotherapist Vinh Pham in 2013, the company uses innovative manual therapy techniques in order to help individuals live pain-free and move at their full potential.

Myodetox WeHo

Since then, Myodetox has opened ten clinics across both Toronto and Vancouver, growing from a team of 1 to over 150 people. As their following grew internationally, they decided to open their first location outside of Canada — and where else better than Los Angeles?

The newly-opened West Hollywood location is the perfect example of the Myodetox brand, with customized treatment stations (pods), minimalistic open spaces for free movement, a lounge area for recovery, as well as a discreet area for VIPs.

Myodetox WeHo

With a dedicated education team on hand at Myodetox offering the most up-to-date holistic style of care, they hope to empower people to learn more about their own body, to make better-informed choices about their lifestyle, and take charge of their health.

Visit Myodetox’s website for information and updates about what’s to come in the future!