Must-have items for Vancouver Beaches

Dec 19 2017, 8:01 am

Red Lobster, noun:

  1. A U.S. chain of seafood restaurants.
  2. That one guy who always gets burnt to a crisp after a day out on the beaches.

No one wants to be that one guy, so here are a few must-have items to keep yourself cool, hydrated and not extra crispy during the summer:

1. Broad-spectrum sunscreen

    • Zinc oxide in the ingredients for best results. Non-broad spectrum sunscreen protects against sunburns, but offers minimal protection against UVA rays, which indirectly causes cancer as well as skin aging.
    • Make sure to reapply more often during the noon hours (10 to 2) where the radiation is the strongest.
    • If you find your skin reacting badly to a brand of sunscreen, do not eschew sunscreen completely; try another brand, because different brands of sunscreen have different chemical compositions.
    • Remember to apply some sunscreen during cloudy days, as UV rays can penetrate thin clouds and mist.

2. Bring lots of, ahem, liquids (once laws are changed!):

    • Water is the obvious one, for no one wants to get a sunstroke while their friends are enjoying themselves.
    • With the possible relaxation of alcohol regulations, you can bring some red wine, which has a bunch of different antioxidants to help combat the sun.
    • Beer in moderation has its benefits, this includes healthier kidneys and prevention of heart disease and stroke.

3. If you’re grilling on the beach, make sure you bring some red and orange bell peppers to help protect against the sun!


About the Author: Michael Cai is an active health blogger who believes in educating readers so they can make informed decisions about their own health instead of blindly following advice online. He currently works at as a Digital Marketing Specialist. Connect the Doc is a Vancouver based web start-up that helps people find and book short-notice healthcare appointments online, 24/7, with practitioners that have last-minute availabilities.