Music Monday: Young Buffalo

Last week, budding Mississippi band Young Buffalo came through Vancouver to play at The Electric Owl. I instantaneously became a fan after listening to their new self-titled EP, which you can stream here. Be prepared to put this whole EP on repeat.

And now a short Q&A with Young Buffalo.

Jan Galvez (VcB): Please introduce yourself and tell us one interesting fact about each other.

Young Buffalo: Hey guys this is Jim and Ben from Young Buffalo. We’re currently in the van on our way to Vancouver! Ben almost got killed by a buffalo in Yellowstone state park, and I have an impressively loud clap.

I am not too familiar with the Mississippi music scene. Can you please tell us a bit more about the scene there? Here in Vancouver we can pick out several artists and say that they have a “Vancouver” sound. Would you say you have a “Mississippi” sound?

The music scene is pretty nice in Mississippi, primarily in Oxford. Everyone supports everyone’s projects and plays in each others bands, etc. I wouldn’t say we have much of a “Mississippi” sound; we definitely have some vocal twangs going on but that’s about it.

Who has influenced you over the years that you would not usually mention?

For Ben, Jimi Hendrix. Ben says that’s the guy that made him want to play guitar. For me, personally? Pope John Paul III had a profound influence. He was a guiding light in a very dark time for my soul.

I would like to stray a bit from the usual questions now. What is the most unconventional thing you’ve drawn inspiration from?

I would have to say being really far away from home, stoned, and having panic attacks. Ben’s unconventional inspiration comes from being taken to jail when he was 15.

If you were to compare your brand new self titled EP to a movie or tv show what would it be and why?

Mulan, definitely. This is a totally feminine EP trying to do masculine things for sure.

If you weren’t playing music, what would you be doing with all this free time?

We would both be Catering food and drink for rich people and University employees.

To finish it off, what was your favourite meal so far on tour?

We stopped at this badass place in the middle of the desert in Hatch, New Mexico. It was called Sparky’s and had the best BBQ and green chili cheese fries. And it was like the only place in the town that people were at..

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Have a good time in Vancouver!

Below is their video for “Catapilah”.