Music Monday: Wake Owl

Once in a while, Wake Owl’s posts would grace my timeline with updates of being on tour with Zeus and Bahamas and sharing the festival stage with the likes of Metric. At other times, many local artists mention how they would love to see them live or even play with them on the same bill. With that kind of “buzz”, it is quite difficult to ignore such a presence.

In an interview earlier this year with the Edmonton Journal, frontman Colyn Cameron was suspicious of being called a “buzz band” because of the unconceived notion that his six-song EP Wild Country, released in November of 2011, would create so much momentum so quickly. Since that interview a few months ago, the Wake Owl flame has become an uncontrollable fire winning over headliners’ fans, festival goers and the many listeners of their EP.

I have yet to see Wake Owl perform, but what put me over the edge to vow not to miss them at LIVE at Squamish, was the mystique they still have. Their EP is available online and they have one teaser video. That’s pretty much it. Aside from several EP reviews and a few live videos, they have created a desire for people to see them live with the good old fashion word of mouth.

Below is the Wake Owl EP Wild Country. Be sure to come out to LIVE at Squamish at the end of the month!

Hello all! Just a little note on the EP. . .

These five songs were written over the past 7 months. After spending time with them, re-working and editing parts, they were brought into the studio for recording and further musical arrangement. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Producer Dave Meszaros and some very talented musicians building them into what they are on this EP. It was one awesome time!

I have made this EP ‘pay what you want’ as I would rather leave it up to you to decide what to give. However, anything you choose to give will go directly towards sustaining this musical project.

I hope you enjoy the tunes. Please spread the word and stay on the lookout for some shows!

With all my heart and gratitude, thanks:)