Music Monday: Tre Nyce

We interview up and coming local rapper Tre Nyce. Watch out for EP coming out this October. His latest video is a a tribute to Kurt Cobain. I have a feeling you’ll be hearing more from him.

Jan Galvez (VcB): Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Tre Nyce and I truly believe I’m the future of the industry in Western Canada. I’m 23 and been chasing my dream since I was 17. I’m driven to be great and won’t stop until my goals are achieved.

Jan Galvez (VcB): In your bio, it is mentioned that you rarely put pen to paper. Instead, it is all held in memory. Is this something you were always able to do or was it something you had to develop?

Yea, over time writing so many rhymes and poems I devoloped my ability to do that. I still write alot and always have verses for when I feature with other artists. I don’t write when I’m doing my own songs, but when I collaborate I have to write because the song is not entirely mine, and I want to be on the same page as the person I’m working with.

Jan Galvez (VcB): What kind of music were you into growing up. Who were a couple artists you looked up to and why?

Growing up as the son of two Jamaican immigrants, my first love was Reggae music. As a child, I used to hate it when I heard hip-hop. I was all about Beenie Man, Shabba Ranks, Capleton, And Supercat – google them. When I moved to Van I had to adapt because the city was very bland in its musical taste. I strayed away from reggae because it made me feel alienated amongst my peers who couldn’t understand what the artist was saying. Hip Hop and R&B became a crutch for me throughout my childhood because it was a way for me to relate to those around me. I consider myself a “Top 40 Shorty” because growing up in Vancouver you’re going to hear Rap, Rock, Pop and everything in between.

Jan Galvez (VcB): Where were you originally from?

I was born In Scarborough – a working class city like Surrey but with a Jamaican Black influence. Anybody who knows anything about Toronto knows about Scarborough and knows it’s not the easiest place to live. To this day my family and close friends are still there.

Jan Galvez (VcB): You go back and forth between Vancouver and Toronto. What do you like best about each city? (music and non-music-wise)

That I do. I have been going back and forth since I moved to Vancouver in ’94. I love Vancouver’s aura. You come off the plane in winter and the grass is still green, the people are warm and the music scene is accepting. The flip side to that is the people aren’t very competitive and are quite contempt with where they are. In Toronto, you’re forced to work hard because that’s just what the culture of the city is based on. The music scene is competitive and thriving as we speak. Toronto is a top 5 Urban market so being there is like being in LA or Atlanta or Houston. Theres more oppurtunity to thrive.

Jan Galvez (VcB): Has living in Vancouver shaped your style in any way? Or do you draw most of your inspirations from elsewhere?

Living in Vancouver gave me a much broader musical scope. I love punk rock and I know if I lived in toronto exclusively I wouldn’t. I’m open to all things musically and I truly owe that to our great city. When you’re a real poet, inspiration is infinite whether negative or positive.

Jan Galvez (VcB): What do you think about the current state of the Vancouver Hip Hop scene? And where do you think it will be going?

The current state of Hip Hop in Vancouver is on the rise because guys from my generation are more focused. I still believe a lot of them are just rapping for the love of it and have no sense of business. It’s going to take some time to develop and actually be something relevant. Our city has been on the brink of greatness for a long time but the reason we haven’t truly exploded is because of the lack of local support for artists. I’m sure once somebody blows up internationally from the city the local scene well get the support it deserves. But until then it’s in need of help.

Jan Galvez (VcB): Could you please comment on the music video you just released for your song “Nirvana”.

My latest video for “Nirvana” is based on my party life and how things go from good to bad and then good again! A party homage to Kurt Cobain who was one of my idols because of his fearlessness and song writing ability. The song to me is the Shit! And I hope the rest of the country feels the same.

Jan Galvez (VcB): What should we look out from you in the near future?

In the near future I’m going to be touring and putting out more videos on various blog sites. My EP Yesterday Today Tommorrow is coming out in October online so be on the look out for that.

Jan Galvez (VcB): To finish off the interview, what is a random fact that most people might not know about you?

I’m the Protege of Dj Kemo. I’m also the only solo artist in our great city he certifies and plays to other Dj’s when he’s on the road.