Music Monday: Sightlines to release debut full-length

Dec 19 2017, 9:14 pm

Since their 2012 debut EP, Summer, Vancouver band Sightlines have bestowed upon local music fans a small but steady stream of smaller releases by way of cassette tape, split 7-inch, and even floppy disc. Now, the trio is getting ready for milestones on two fronts: the forthcoming release of their first full-length and, on it, a career-defying offering of nearly half an hour of music.

Titled “North” (with deliberate quotation marks), the record will include nine new songs, as well as re-worked versions of 7-inch split tracks “Foreknowledge” and “Commiseration.” The band has already shared two songs from the album, “Hospital” and “Parts Per Million,” both of which showcase their tendency for sunny hooks, brawny guitar, and thoughtful lyrics (“Hospital,” for example, was written after frontman Eric Axen was hospitalized for blood poisoning).

“North” will be co-released on April 15 through local label Big Smoke and Axen’s own Alarum Records, and will be accompanied by an anticipated tour of Western Canada.

Sightlines Western Canadian Tour

  • April 16 – Vernon, BC – Gallery Vertigo
  • April 17 – Lethbridge, AB – Boys & Girls Club
  • April 18 – Calgary, AB – Local 510
  • April 19 – Regina, SK – O’Hanlon’s
  • April 20 – Winnipeg, MB – house show
  • April 21 – Winnipeg, MB – The Windsor
  • April 22 – Saskatoon, SK – Vangelis
  • April 23 – Edmonton, AB – The Sewing Machine Factory

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