Music Monday: Panther & The Supafly

Dec 19 2017, 1:17 pm

The first time I experienced Josh Matumona’s Panther & The Supafly was at Live at Squamish when they played an extremely short, but equally memorable set. I was impressed by their on-stage energy as well as their unique sound. Since then, I have been patiently waiting for their next project.

‘Nkazi’ is the latest EP from the Vancouver-based hip-hop band. It’s refreshing to hear contemporary Rap music that doesn’t sound like it was churned out by the Lil Wayne-by-numbers machine. Instead, Panther & The Supafly draw inspiration from less conventional sources such as: Electronic, Pop, Jazz, World, and Noise Rock. ‘Nkazi’ has an eclectic quality to it that sounds at once, both old-fashioned and cutting edge.

With so many moving parts at work, it would be all too easy for these tracks to fall into cacophony, but somehow everything works in accord with one another. Panther & The Supafly is one of those word of mouth artists—one day a friend will inevitably approach you, holding a copy of ‘Nkazi,’ proclaiming they’ve discovered the second coming of The Cool Kids, Kanye, Cudi or Black Star. In truth, none of these comparisons will paint the whole picture—Panther & The Supafly is like nothing else—an original in a sea of sound-alikes.

You can download ‘Nkazi’ for free at

Patrick Do, Staff Writer, Fistful of Sound.

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