Music Monday: Chloe Anne Lloyd

Chloe Anne Lloyd completed this interview late last night after a long string of performances at the Roots and Blues Festival, where she was pulled on stage by Hollerado the evening before. We talked about her experience in The Next Star, her awkward dates, cooking and much more!

Jan Galvez (VcB): Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Chloe Anne Lloyd, I am a singer songwriter from Maple Ridge, BC.
I started taking music seriously when I was accepted as one of the top 12 on a TV show called The Next Star on the YTV Network.

At the time I was 16 and had yet to learn the guitar, but once I was cut I learnt guitar, wrote my first song and have been hooked ever since.

Jan Galvez (VcB): Can you please talk about your experience with The Next Star, what you have learned and how it is different now?

During my experience with The Next Star, I learnt if you wanted something, you would have to go and get it, and not be ashamed to ask for what you want. I was still timid back then, but since then I have broken out of my shell and learnt that its okay to be unique, and sometimes weird is better than the alternative.

Jan Galvez (VcB): Would you say you are family-oriented? How supportive have they been?

Family and music are the two major priorities in my life. Being one of five sisters I have realized the importance of family and how privileged I am to have so many family members that support me 100%. Being around my sisters only gets me excited for the day I have children of my own.

Jan Galvez (VcB): Take us through your song writing process. Where do you grab content and inspiration from?

When I start to write a song, it’s often because something has happened in my life that I want to write about. All of my songs come from a personal honest place. If I don’t believe it, you won’t find me singing it, thats my motto! I believe in order to have a true connection to your fans you have to give them yourself on stage. I think creative personas are cool and work for other artists but I am most comfortable in my own skin, just being me, no matter what the audience may think.

For instance my single “Hooked On You” (releasing on August 28th) was written about a guy I was dating at the time, and he knew I wrote it about him. The people around me know first hand what I am singing about, thats why some shows can be very nerve racking for me. Because the subjects of the songs are often in the audience.

Jan Galvez (VcB): What do you like about performing live? Any pre-show rituals? What goes through your mind before you step up to the mic?

My favourite part of performing live for an audience is that moment when I click back in to focus and realize I am playing for people, and they are enjoying it. I get really into what I am playing, so much so that I sometimes forget about the audience during the performance. I always clue back in and re-engage but the moments where I am “somewhere else” are what makes performing great. Before every show I give myself a moment alone and I say “Chloe you got this” and thats it. I don’t focus too hard on anything before i go up. I like it to come to me as I go, not be too structured or practiced, I trust myself to pull it off. If I don’t allow myself the wiggle room then I won’t get lazy, so I just say “Hey, you are gonna rock it no matter what” to myself in the mirror. So far so good.

Jan Galvez (VcB): In your blog, you talk about awkward dates you have been on. What have you learned from them? Any tips on avoiding awkwardness? (Can it even be prevented?)

I have been on many awkward dates. I feel everyone’s learning curve for dating is different, mine was a very rough start but I have gotten better. What I have learned is that if you don’t hide anything, just be yourself and laugh off the awkward moments it will go a lot father then if you tried to play it cool. That person most likely feels awkward too, so if you open yourself up and show it’s okay for them to be themselves, that way your already starting a much better basis to go further with.

Jan Galvez (VcB): To finish off the interview, what is one random thing a lot of people might not know about you?

One random thing about me that not many people know, its that I like to cook.
I used to enjoy baking but lately I have been making steak dinners with wine reduction sauce and candied carrots.

I like making perfect art like portions on the plate and presenting it to myself lol.
I major part of my cooking process I learnt from my grandmother. And its to always listen to Frank Sinatra, to use half the bottle of wine in the food, and drink the other half! I wish I had more time to cook but I guess thats what makes it nice when I have the chance.