Museum of Vancouver moving?

Dec 19 2017, 7:26 am

Yesterday it was made official that the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) will be moving to a new location in the near future. That has lead many to speculate that the Museum of Vancouver will be moving into that space.

Announcement made by the Museum of Vancouver:

With the Vancouver Art Gallery officially on its way out of their current location between Robson and Georgia, we’ve been getting asked more and more whether we might be taking that space.

Today we announce that we are committed to finding an optimal location that will complement our provocative, award-winning programs and exhibitions – in other words, we don’t know yet whether we will choose to stay here or move. But we have been taking deliberate steps towards securing our position as a thriving part of the Vancouver’s cultural landscape for generations to come.

The MOV has occupied its current location in Vanier Park since 1967, and while the location is picturesque it is not without its challenges (pictured above in 1971). A study is being conducted by AldrichPears Associates (APA) to define a functional program for the Museum in an optimal scenario.

“We are constantly asked about our location,” said Nancy Noble, Museum of Vancouver’s CEO. “With this study we will finally have a definitive answer to the question ‘should we stay or should we go?’”

Through the study, the Museum is examining many options for its location, the current Vancouver Art Gallery space being only one, with potential to stay at its current location. The functional program is informed by current operations, industry best-practices, the vision for the visitor experience at the Museum and the anticipated visitation levels at the current location as well as other locations throughout Vancouver.

Isaac Marshall, Principal at APA, said, “There are so many opportunities in Vancouver right now. It is the perfect time for the MOV to prove it is ready to lead the world in redefining the role of a city museum.

A move to the current VAG site would definitely raise the profile as the current location isn’t the easiest to get to.

Image by Bob_2006