Multi Publication News Boxes Arrive in Downtown Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 11:40 am

A few weeks ago as The Urban Dweller was walking down the streets on my way to El Kartelin search of some new Stussy gear, I saw one of these fancy new news paper publication boxes. The advent of free publications such as Metro News and 24 Hours has increased the amount of publications boxes around Vancouver to 5000, more than double from a decade ago. Thus precipitating the need to clean up the street clutter.

Apparently the city is tackling the clutter of news boxes that have invaded our city’s sidewalks the past few years with the new multi-publication news box. There are probably more pressing issues out there, such as cleaning up the homeless problems, DTES, lack of community spaces on the east and southeast parts of the city. Oh well I guess this is a lot easier. Anyways, apparently 50 of these boxes have been installed around town. The majority of which are silver and grey, however one installed a couple years ago in South Granville was black.

I like the look of the new boxes, they fit in well with the existing street furniture. They also have a compartment for recycling newspaper. Genius. Too often would I be walking down the street and see newspapers strewn about. This city used to be very clean, lately it seems as though people are too fucking lazy to pick up after themselves. However, I shall save that rant for another day. The only downside to these boxes is the lack of branding. However, I’m sure the godly folks over at PNG will find a way.

Expect the city to install 50 more of these units by the end of 2008. These boxes will match the existing street furniture. At this point Skeets is excited to see the pink units on Davie. Don’t expect these to be at every corner as there isn’t enough demand.

(photo credit: Ian Lindsay, Vancouver Sun)

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