Move over Main St. Poodle the Yaletown Chihuahua is coming

Update: April Fools!

Remember when we first told you about the ridiculous $100,000 Main Street poodle public art piece. That art was a joint venture between the City of Vancouver and Translink. Well, it looks like the City of Vancouver and Translink are at it again as Yaletown will soon be getting its very own giant dog public art piece, the Yaletown Chihuahua.

Installation will begin next week adjacent to the Yaletown Roundhouse Skytrain station. The cost of the total project is a whopping $300,000, of which half of the money will come from Translink and the other half from the City of Vancouver. It’s being reported that a third of the cost was required to get the rights to use a Louis Vuitton handbag.

Created by Toronto artist, Remy Martine, the piece is titled “Dog in Purse” and unlike the Main Street Poodle, the Yaletown Chihuahua actually has deep roots in the neighbourhood. If you’ve strolled the cobbled streets, no doubt you’ll notice more than a few dogs in handbags, with the chihuahua being the most popular breed of choice. The only thing this art piece is missing is a busty blonde in oversized sunglasses and spray on tan.

Not to be outdone by Vancouver yet again, Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts will soon be announcing that a giant 50 foot Ed Hardy tee shirt will be erected outside Central City tower in Whalley. We’ll have more on this soon.

Image via City of Vancouver Public Art Commission Society