Mount Pleasant Block Party

The Mount Pleasant Businses Improvement Area is an awesome non-profit organization focusing on bringing local businesses and the community together.

Recently on a beautiful Sunday, folks gathered in the Mount Pleasant area and enjoyed a Car Free Day,  full of playing, eating, shopping and most importantly, getting to know one another.

The day was poppin’ off without a hitch but  what stood out the most were the good lookin’ folks. Of course we had to include some fashion shots.

Couples alert!

What do we love more than couples? Couples that dress alike. Loved the couple on the right. Cardigan? Check. Printed pants? Check. Balloons for added cuteness? Check.

I”m not the biggest fan of ombre hair but that rainbow tie dye do looks fun! Smiles all around.

Heeled Hunter boots, not a  bad look. And my favorite find the day- Floral TOMS. Pick up a white pair, grab some paint and make it your own 🙂

With the summer (supposedly) in full bloom, the Mount Pleasant area has many more events planned! Did someone say Smoking Sausage BBQ Competition Cook Off? Or maybe the Autumn Shift Festival is more your thing? For full details, peep their events section, or better yet stay connectd on their Facebook.

If you just want to check out the area for yourself, you’ll have plenty to do as they have countless shops, and places to eat! When’s the last time you checked out the Mount Pleasant area?  Has it changed a lot since you’ve last seen it? Be a part of the movement in improving an already wondering neighborhood! For more information, check out MPBIA!

Thanks again to Tanya and Lynn Warwick for inviting me to the event! Follow them here for the latest MP updates.