Motopony Interview

Dec 19 2017, 5:07 am

They got into the van at around 1:30 PM on a Saturday afternoon in Seattle after a few cups of coffee and drove north up into Canada. The drive north from Seattle to Vancouver is a ride taken by countless bands over the years as this is the natural progression on a tour route. This time rolling up to the border with a live show coming up was the Seattle based group Motopony and luckily for the fans awaiting their show at The Rio in East Van they didn’t have any trouble crossing the border to Canada.

“Well we kind of had some troubles at the border” said Buddy Ross as we laughed in the alley behind The Rio Theatre just off of Commercial Dr. “The Americans weren’t too cooperative as we rolled up to the border. They weren’t happy. Once we got into Canada though it all changed ‘Oh yea yea, come on in here. You don’t need that form’” So they made it into our wonderful country after a minor delay at the border and once they were here it was straight to business.

With the van loaded up and rolling into Vancouver the band got to thinking of what they were going to play for this Vancouver show. “I think we will be playing a few new songs” chimed in Daniel Blue. “One of them I think is like a bonus track that you only get if you buy the album on iTunes” he added. “They other one though is one of the first songs we formulated as a whole band. It is a real raw live track that we have never recorded yet.” said Buddy. When asked what song it was Daniel shook his hips a bit and said “Get Down”.

Buddy and Daniel confessed as to why they had been to Vancouver in the past “It is kind of a date city for us it seems” said Daniel. “You come up from Seattle with your lady, get a cheap hotel on Hotwire, spend too much money at the cool boutiques and get some delicious yet cheap sushi”. The band said they were going to grab some sushi before they left to go back to Seattle. “We have a really busy schedule now. We have a few days to practice and rest up before Bumbershoot in Seattle then we hit the east coast in September and October”.

The funny thing about concerts at The Rio is that you can not only go see a great concert, buy a beer but you can also buy a bag of popcorn as well. “We played a show at The Neptune theatre in Seattle once it was the same kinda thing” said Buddy. “I feel like I want the fans to throw popcorn at us on stage” confessed Daniel.

When asked where fans and new listeners can find their music Daniel opened up and said “I really prefer it when people come out to the shows. I see our music as an event that needs to be experienced. In that moment. In the vibration that is being created. Yea, recorded music is awesome. It is a great calling card to attract people to our shows. They can find it at But like I said I really feel like the music is best enjoyed live”. That final quote alone is not only a good quote to end an interview on, it is a belief system that musicians that can survive in this era of free music online. If the artists focus on performing live and having that be the best way for fans to experience the music they created they will strive. Artists like the guys in Motopony are all over this musical landscape we live in. You just have to go OUT and find them.

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