Spotted on Reddit: Is this the most Vancouver car ever?

Feb 24 2017, 7:28 am

If you’re worried that between all the new condo developments and rising costs in Vancouver that the city has somehow lost its West Coast, naturalistic soul, perhaps this picture posted online by eagle-eyed Reddit user brotrr will soothe your soul.

In peak Vancouver fashion, the license plate on this small, (no doubt fuel-efficient) Toyota Prius proudly proclaims its owner is V-GAN.

And just to drive (pun intended) the point home – in case there’s any confusion about what the message is – a sticker on the car’s bumper carries a simple, but stern message: “Be Kind to Animals, DON’T EAT THEM.”

“Other than a Lambo with an ‘N’, hard to get more Vancouver than this,” brotrr writes.

Hopefully between our regular trips to Whole Foods and a stop at our local sushi joint after yoga, we’ll get a chance to see this for ourselves.

Until then, namaste.

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