These are the most searched Halloween costumes in Canada this year

Oct 15 2020, 4:14 pm

If you already have your Halloween costume picked out for the end of the month, you may as well compare it to the rest of the country to make sure you’re not clashing.

Google has revealed the country’s top searched costumes for this year and it would seem we are ready to take off into space this Halloween.

The top searched trends are often an indication of what’s hot at the moment and this year’s searches have put Astronauts and Among Us at the top of are list, against some pretty stiff competition, even beating out Tiger King and Baby Yoda.

The top searches are likely due to the popularity of the free video game, Among Us, which pits spaceship crew members against an imposter who is out to kill them and sabotage the ship.

Comparatively to last year, when the top three Halloween costume searches around Canada were Pennywise, Joker, and Powerpuff Girls.

Of course, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic got a nod, with plague doctor coming in at number four.

Here’s how the rest of the searches round out the top Googled Halloween costumes in Canada throughout October:

1. Among Us
2. Astronaut
3. Harley Quinn
4. Plague Doctor
5. Dinosaur
6. Harry Potter
7. Powerpuff Girls
8. Baby Yoda
9. Skeleton
10. Witch
11. Hermione Granger
12. Coraline
13. Money Heist
14. Tiger King
15. Tinkerbell

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