5 most overcrowded bus routes in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 4:15 pm

There is nothing like breathing recycled oxygen and being sandwiched between armpits during an overcrowded bus ride.

Luckily, TransLink has released the 2014 Bus Service Performance Review which includes the most overcrowded routes in 2014.

TransLink collected the data via automatic passenger counters on buses from 219 routes. The numbers show an increase of one million riders since 2013, which is a 4 per cent increase, and an increase of nine million riders since 2010. TransLink also managed to reduce their bottom line in 2014.

Here are the top 5 most overcrowded bus routes:

1. 99 B-Line

Numerous students ride this route daily, back and fourth from UBC, which is why the 99 B-Line wins the number one spot. It’s packed 43 per cent of the time. This route saw a staggering 17.3 million boards last year.

2. Route 49

Another bus serving students from Powell to UBC, Route 49 is crowded 45 per cent of the time. It takes the number two spot simply because its annual revenue hours are 67,900 compared to the 99 B-line which is 104,700. But technically this route has the highest occupancy level compared to any other.

3. Route 25

Route 25 spans the length of King Edward Avenue. It is overcrowded 22 per cent of the time which means that out of the 84,100 annual revenue hours it runs, it’s crowded for 18,000 hours of that time.

4. Route 41

Spanning from UBC’s Westbrook Mall, all the way to Joyce-Collingwood Station, Route 41 was crowded 16 per cent of the time. Last year, people boarded this route 8,447,000 times. It’s a 2 per cent decrease since 2013 but it’s still a hefty number.

5. Route 410

Serving 22nd Street Station in New Westminster all the way to Richmond-Brighouse Station, Route 410 was overcrowded 13 per cent of the time.